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General Information

We reckon that the closeness of your loved ones is quintessential when you undergo a treatment. However, we do not appreciate frequent visits of people other than your caregivers while you stay at the Hospital. Visits can be made in the allocated time schedules. Meitra’s healthcare professionals follow an ideal concept to make it feel at home while you stay at the hospital. All your medical and non-medical requirements are taken care of. Our aim is to have you a healthy time at the hospital and let you lead a passionate life thereafter.

Visiting hours

Wards and rooms

Morning: 11 AM – 1PM
Evening: 5 PM – 7PM


Morning: 6 AM – 7AM
Evening: 6 PM – 7PM

Other than the above mentioned timings, Visitors are allowed in the ICU on special request

General Information

Meitra is exceptionally equipped with all levels of facilities to make your visit and stay comfortable. From travelling to Meitra for your post-treatment, we will assist you throughout the complete process.

Patient transport

On arrival at the hospital, wheel-chair or a stretcher will be provided, if required. Pick up from home is available on special request.

Reception and admission

At the time of admission, you will be requested to answer a few queries posed by our admission personnel. You are requested to give correct information, as this may help you in case of insurance. An initial deposit will have to be paid at the time of admission for which a receipt will be issued to you. You will be given one pass for your relatives. Your relatives should use the pass at the entry/exit of the hospital every time.

Diagnostic Tests

During your stay, you might have to undergo various tests to find out more about your condition. The unit staff will arrange for your tests at a convenient time.

Medical Information

Whenever you come to the hospital, you will be asked to provide information relevant to your treatment. Please tell the staff if you have an allergy, to any specific medicine or food or home Medications.

During the night

Please stay in bed after you have been prepared for the night. Strange surroundings and medications to assist with sleep may create a hazard if you get out of bed. For assistance during the night, use your call bell.

Leaving the unit

If you want to leave the unit, please check first at the nurse’s station to make sure your doctor has given approval and let the staff know where you can be reached. It is important to stay in your room until your doctor has completed his/her rounds.

Visit Our Facility

Our facilities are deployed with highly innovative world-class technology that is capable of transforming healthcare.

Visit Our Doctors

Doctors at Meitra are not only famous for their expertise, but for their friendly and welcoming approach.

Welcome to India

Are you planning to visit Meitra? All the procedures are responsibly taken care of.

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