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Liver Transplantation


The comprehensive Liver Transplantation Program at Meitra Hospital has the expertise and the experience of performing complex live as well as a cadaveric liver transplantation procedure. The programme is headed by some of the most successful and accomplished liver transplantation experts comprising of surgeons, hepatologists and gastroenterologists backed by world class ultramodern advanced facilities and technologies to ensure the best clinical outcomes.

The 3-main types of liver transplantation procedures are:-

  • Deceased organ donation (transplanting a liver from a deceased donor)
  • Living donor liver transplant (a portion of liver is removed from a living donor; both the donor and transplanted liver regrow to its normal size)
  • Split donation transplant (liver removed from a recently deceased donor is split into two pieces; each transplanted into different parsons for the livers to grow to their normal size)

Patients who are recommended liver transplantation need to go through a detailed diagnostic evaluation process including routine health screening, laboratory tests, imaging tests such as ultrasound, cardiovascular tests, and several others.
At Meitra Hospital, right from consultation by internationally acclaimed Liver Transplant Surgeons and Hepatologists / Gastroenterologists, trained and having supreme expertise in handling living and deceased donor transplants to getting diagnostic tests done by skilled technicians in advanced, state-of-the-art laboratory to ultramodern cutting-edge radiology imaging technology, every bit of the process is well taken care of to ensure that the best possible clinical outcome is achieved always and at all times .
The experts are trained and have experience in working with prestigious healthcare facilities where organ transplantation is done regularly with success and in large volumes.
Although considered as the last resort to save a life, organ transplantation in India is yet to find its ground through cadaver donation, whereas over 80% transplant cases are from living donors. The process of transplanting an organ from a living donor is more complex technically in comparison to performing a deceased donor liver transplantation, and thus require a state-of-the-art scientifically augmented infrastructure and experienced team to perform the surgery safely.
Facilities & Services:

At Meitra Hospital, Kozhikode, we have cutting edge technology, experienced liver transplant surgeons backed by specialist nursing and paramedical staff having expertise and experience in liver transplantation programme only. At Meitra Hospital there are specially designed state-of-the-art, technologically advanced and ultramodern OT and ICU for the post liver transplantation surgery, a definite must, to offer the best possible treatment outcome for a liver transplantation programme are already in place.

Senior Consultant & Liver Transplant Surgeon
Senior Consultant & Liver Transplant Surgeon
Senior Consultant GI Surgery, GI Oncosurgery, Advanced Laparoscopic & Liver Transplantation
Senior Consultant GI Surgery & Liver Transplantation Surgeon
Senior Consultant & Head – Gastro Sciences
Senior Consultant & Director, Endoscopy Services
Junior Consultant – Department of Gastroenterology

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