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Meitra Hospital launches Centre for Heart and Vascular Care

Kozhikode:  Meitra Hospital, leading advanced tertiary hospital, has launched Centre for Heart and Vascular Care. The Centre will offer a rare combination of the latest technology-integrated research processes, education, multidisciplinary capability, best clinical practices, futuristic facilities and excellent infrastructure.

The state-of- the-art centre, which consists of the departments of Cardiology and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, was launched by Dr. William J. McKenna (CEO and Medical Director of Hamad Heart Hospital, Doha, Qatar & Professor of Cardiology, Imperial College, London). It has been equipped with the latest medical technologies and equipment to provide world-class care to patients. Talking about the Centre, Dr. William J. McKenna said, “The facility provided by tertiary referral hospitals like Meitra has been associated with dramatic improvements in clinical care and outcomes, the world over. Referral hospitals such as these, aided by the latest advancements, provide the clinical academic leadership and direction for the systems required to treat serious and complex disorders involving the heart and blood vessels”.

“For over two decades, our team of Cardiac surgeons and Cardiologists has been consistently successful, thus showcasing their expertise and experience ,” said Dr. Ali Faizal, Director, Meitra Hospital and Head, Clinical Services. “Meitra’s cardiac intensive care suites are attended round-the-clock by qualified intensivists. The strategic nursing plans and dedicated nursing staff provide safe and competent patient care,” he said.

The Cardiology team at Meitra comprises of renowned experts. The Department of Cardiology at Meitra has a perfect blend of youth and experience. “The dedicated clinics for aortic and peripheral vascular diseases, coronary artery diseases, rhythm disorders and heart failure provide focused and comprehensive care. It is equipped with the Advanced Robotic Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Lab with Dyna CT facility , which is the first of its kind in South India. The team is recognized as leaders in complex coronary intervention especially chronic occlusions and calcific blocks, non-surgical treatment of complex aneurysms, radiofrequency treatment of complex arrhythmias and lower extremity interventions. TAVR is another of their special areas,” said Dr. Ali Faizal.

The Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery under the centre also has a renowned team of experienced Cardiovascular Surgeons with an impeccable track record supported by highly qualified Intensivists, Anaesthesiologists, Perfusionists and a vibrant Cardiac Rehab team. “Our team has vast expertise in handling minimally invasive surgeries, beating heart and redo surgeries, mitral, aortic and tricuspid valve repairs and replacements along with hybrid procedures,” said Dr. Murali P. Vettath, Chairman, Cardiovascular Surgery. He further said that the team is also specialized in the management of complicated vascular and thoracic diseases.

Mr. Keshavdas, CEO, Meitra Hospital said that the capability to provide cutting-edge medical care at par with global standards sets Meitra in the vanguard position. “Our team of top-notch surgeons and physicians are highly regarded for their exceptional track record of consistently achieving successful outcomes. Lead by internationally trained experts, well known for their competence and innovative approach, our clinical team offers collaborative and comprehensive care to ensure accurate diagnosis, measured treatment and the best possible outcome,” he said.

“We aim to become a globally-recognised team by sheer dedication, clinical excellence and commitment to work,” said Dr. Asishkumar Mandalay ,Chairman, Cardiology Department.

Meitra Hospital, which had its soft-launch in September last year, has seen a steady growth. With the launch of its Heart and Vascular Centre, the healthcare facility will continue to build on its strength and its core focus on becoming India’s leading tertiary care hospital in the years to come.

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