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The Centre for Neurosciences at Meitra follows a holistic approach in handling all levels of difficulties related to the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and muscles. We emphasize exceptional and vigilant care to solve simple to complex problems. The centre has already introduced some of the novel facilities for the first time in the region. A team of expert neurologists and neurosurgeons is all set to elevate innumerable lives to the happiness of living a life. Considering incurable conditions, our care unit is designed with a concept of treating everyone equally and respectfully. Those who come here never return home as patients, but as those who embrace life at its fullest.

Dr AV Sreeram Prasad

Consultant – Neurologist and Movement Disorders

Dr Sreeram hold memberships at Movement Disorders Society of India, Indian Stroke Association and Indian Academy of Neurology.


  • MBBS, DM in Neurology



  • Movement disorders
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke

Primary Location: Ernakulam

Languages known: English , Hindi and Malayalam


  • MBBS from Government Medical College, Trivandrum (2002)
  • DNB in General Medicine from National Board of Examinations, New Delhi (2008)
  • DM in Neurology from Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute (SGPGI), Lucknow (2012)
  • Observership in Stroke from Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum (2012)
  • DNB in Neurology from National Board of Examinations, New Delhi (2013)
  • MNAMS in Neurology from National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (2013)
  • Clinical Fellowship in Movement Disorders from Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum (2013)
  • Movement Disorders Surgical Fellowship from University of Toronto (2018)


  • Junior Resident in Neurology at AIMS, Cochin (Feb, 2004 – Nov, 2004)
  • Junior Resident in Neurology at NIMHANS, Bangalore (Nov, 2004 – May 2005)
  • DNB Trainee in General Medicine at Government Medical College, Trivandrum (July 2005 – June 2008)
  • Lecturer in General Medicine at Government Medical College, Trivandrum (July 2008 – November 2008)
  • Senior Resident in Neurology at SGPGI, Lucknow (July 2009 – July 2012)
  • Observer in Stroke at SCTIMST, Trivandrum (August 2012 – November 2012)
  • Post-doctoral fellow in Movement Disorders at SCTIMST, Trivandrum (January 2013 – December 2013)
  • Unit 2 Chief, Department of Neurology and Movement Disorders Specialist at Lourdes Hospital, Cochin (January 2014 – February 2014)
  • Assistant professor, Department of Neurology and Movement Disorders Specialist at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Cochin (March 2015 – January 2018)
  • Movement Disorders Surgical Fellow at Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto (January – December 2018)
  • Consultant Neurologist at Indira Gandhi Co-operative Hospital, Ernakulam (October 2020 – present)
  • Consultant Neurologist at Lakshmi Hospital, Ernakulam (April 2016 – January 2018 | January 2018 – present)
  • Head, Department of Neurology and Movement Disorders Specialist at Lourdes Hospital, Cochin (February 2014 – January 2018 | January 2019 – present)

Research & Publications:

  1. Long term follow up of bilateral subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation for advanced Parkinson’s disease patients – Principal Investigator, SCTIMST, Trivandrum (2013)
  2. Is Levofloxacin better than Rifampicin in the treatment of tuberculous meningitis? Randomized control trial – Co Investigator, SGPGI, Lucknow (2009 – 2012)
  3. Predicting optimal deep brain stimulation parameters for Parkinson’s disease using functional MRI and machine learning – Boutet A, Madhavan R, Elias GJB, Joel SE, Gramer R, Ranjan M, Paramanandam V, Xu D, Germann J, Loh A, Kalia SK, Hodaie M, Li B, Prasad S , Coblentz A, Munhoz RP, Ashe J, Kucharczyk W, Fasano A, Lozano AM.Nat Commun. 2021 May 24;12(1):3043. doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-23311-9.
  4. Genetic Architecture of Parkinson’s Disease in the Indian Population: Harnessing Genetic Diversity to Address Critical Gaps in Parkinson’s Disease Research. – Rajan R, Divya KP, Kandadai RM, Yadav R, Satagopam VP, Madhusoodanan UK, Agarwal P, Kumar N, Ferreira T, Kumar H, Sreeram Prasad AV , Shetty K, Mehta S, Desai S, Kumar S, Prashanth LK, Bhatt M, Wadia P, Ramalingam S, Wali GM, Pandey S, Bartusch F, Hannussek M, Krüger J, Kumar-Sreelatha A, Grover S, Lichtner P, Sturm M, Roeper J, Busskamp V, Chandak GR, Schwamborn J, Seth P, Gasser T, Riess O, Goyal V, Pal PK, Borgohain R, Krüger R, Kishore A, Sharma M; Lux-GIANT Consortium. Front Neurol. 2020 Jun 18;11:524
  5. Spinal Cord Stimulation for Very Advanced Parkinson’s Disease: A 1-Year Prospective Trial – Prasad S , Aguirre-Padilla DH, Poon YY, Kalsi-Ryan S, Lozano AM, Fasano A. Mov Disord. 2020Apr 20. doi: 10.1002/mds.28065
  6. Functional MRI Safety and Artifacts during Deep Brain Stimulation: Experience in 102 Patients. – Alexandre Boutet, Tanweer Rashid, Ileana Hancu, Gavin J. B. Elias, Robert M. Gramer, Jürgen Germann, Marisa Dimarzio, Bryan Li, Vijayashankar Paramanandam, Sreeram Prasad , Manish Ranjan, Ailish Coblentz, Dave Gwun,  Clement T. Chow, Ricardo Maciel, Derrick Soh, Eric Fiveland, Mojgan Hodaie, Suneil K. Kalia, Alfonso Fasano, Walter Kucharczyk, Julie Pilitsis, Andres M. Lozano. Radiology 2019; 00:1–10.
  7. The decade after subthalamic stimulation in advanced Parkinson’s disease: A balancing act -Krishnan S, Prasad S , Pisharady KK, Sarma G, Sarma SP, Kishore A.Neurol India. 2016 Jan-Feb;64(1):81-9
  8. Safety and efficacy of levofloxacin versus rifampicin in tuberculous meningitis: an open-label randomized controlled trial – Kalita J,Misra UK, Prasad S , Bhoi SK. J Antimicrob Chemother. 2014 Aug; 69(8):2246-51.
  9. Predictors of paradoxical tuberculoma in tuberculous meningitis -Kalita J, Prasad S ,Misra UK. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2014 Apr;18(4):486-91.
  10. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Tuberculous Meningitis- Misra UK, Kalita J, Singh AP, Prasad S . Int J Neurosci. 2013 Feb; 123(2):128-32. Epub 2012 Nov 29.
  11. MR angiography in tuberculous meningitis. – Kalita J, Prasad S , Maurya PK, Kumar S, Misra UK.Acta Radiol. 2012 Apr 1; 53(3):324-9. Epub 2012 Feb 27.
  12. Treatment of restless legs syndrome with pregabalin: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. – Misra UK, Kalita J, Kumar B, Prasad S . Neurology. 2011 Jan 25; 76(4):408; author reply 408-9.

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